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Why Lead A Simpler Life?

Our world is so complex and fast-paced that it seems somehow quaint and misguided to try to live in a more measured and mindful way.

Here are what I see as the key features and benefits of a simpler way of life.

Simple living is easier

That has to be the number one reason.  Reducing the amount of complexity in your life and limiting the demands placed upon you will simply lead to less stress and effort.

Imagine moving through your life without having to rush from one thing to another.  Imagine being calmly in control and able to deal with whatever is thrown at you.  Imagine enjoying every day and not feeling overwhelmed and worn down.  That’s what I’m after!

Simple living leads to greater focus

In a world that constantly demands more from you – do more, concentrate more, buy more, live more, achieve more … you can actually decide to deliberately focus on less.  When you decide on what s really important to you and deliberately ignore the rest, you gain much better clarity on who you are and what you really want.

This ability to focus on the important stuff means that you can live the life you were meant to live, one that you chose and not the one that a hectic world has hoodwinked you into living.

Simple living is kinder

Deciding to reduce the complexity in your life has some amazing hidden benefits.  Your impact on the environment is greatly reduced as you will not be wasting resources by buying pointless things you don’t need.

You will also end up with more time to spend with the people who truly matter – family and friends.  This is kinder to the planet, other people and, even more importantly, you!  Living a more simple and balanced life is also a great way to set a good example to others.

You can be part of a growing trend away from mindless competition and consumerism and towards more mindful and creative collaboration.

Simple living is more creative

Remember when you were a child and managed to have an amazing time with very little?  Living a simpler life forces you to rely on basic human interactions – communication and relationships, rather than the trinkets of the modern world.  You learn to solve problems using intuition and thought rather than being over-reliant on others and technology.

The way you live your life becomes more creative and imaginative as you begin to create your own entertainment rather than spending huge amounts of money and time paying professionals to keep you distracted and busy.

Simple living is more fun

Once you strip away the unnecessary and stressful parts of modern life, what you are left with is the space and time to truly live.  You feel the burden of adulthood fall away and you start to reconnect with the child within.  The little boy or girl who used to just play.

Life really should be lived playfully, where every day is seen as an adventure and a chance to skip through the flowers.  Once you turn your back on the contrived nonsense of a complex 21st century existence, there is a whole world of playful fun to enjoy!


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